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I am using Java to get the activities of an authenticated User (OAuth2.0). The Problem is, I am not getting the result I want. If I am visiting and look at the activities ( there are a lot of videos.

If I am fetching the videos with
YouTube.Activities.List request = youtube.activities().list("snippet");

I get videos that are more than 10 hours old, even if there were 10 new videos in the last 2 hours. The feed I am getting is not very new... And I am only getting 24 entries, even if the maximum setting is on 50. With the old YouTube Api (v2) I am getting more than 100 responses.

Is this just buggy and not working, or am I making mistakes?

Thanks in advance! :)

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The answer is as simple as stupid: It's not possible to fetch the subscription videos in v3 - we will have to use v2 to do that. That doesn't make sense, but google is the boss. "Activities" are meant as Videos you should watch. Yeah I know...

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For this kind of bug reports please file it in public issue tracker if it's not filed by someone else already. Stackoverflow is for coding questions.

Filed the report internally, if you can create a bug in public tracker, you can keep track of it.

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