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I want to write a desktop application using Ruby. I want it platform-independent and with rich GUI. How to start? What tools?

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Try with wxRuby


Hello World

require "wx"
 include Wx

 class HelloWorld < App

   def on_init  

     helloframe = Frame.new(nil, -1, "Hello World")

     StaticText.new(helloframe,-1,"Hello World")


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Links, code example, awesome! –  JeffO Dec 10 '09 at 12:51

I would suggest Shoes.

Shoes.app do
  button "Press me" do
    alert "You pressed me"

You could also try FXRuby. PragProg has a book on it.

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I wanted to do this for Windows, Mac and Linux, but ran into issues getting shoes working on all three. It has a custom ruby build, which complicates things. I don't know if wxRuby is better. –  edebill Dec 10 '09 at 21:29

I'd first consider QtRuby. There's a nice tutorial on making it work for Windows here. I think Qt has the edge over wxWidgets in providing nice looking GUI's on OS/X.

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