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I am working on a Wakari (IPython 1.0 notebook) university course, currently I'm converting my lecture materials into interactive notebooks containing text, static images and python code. However, I've not managed so far to include local (to the Wakari filesystem) images in my notebooks with a nice layout:

Including remote images via HTML

<img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c9/Double-compound-pendulum-dimensioned.svg">

or Markdown


works fine, as well as using python code

from IPython.display import Image

but the Python cell gives an ugly break in the text.

What I'd like to do instead is something like

<img src="files/user_home/w_Chipmuenk/DSV/Linearized_Quantizer.png">
<img src="files/DSV/Linearized_Quantizer.png">
<img src="files/Linearized_Quantizer.png">

Unfortunately, none of the combinations above works for me (and I've tried plenty others as well ...) Is this a Wakari specific problem or am I doing something wrong?



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I just tried this in Wakari and it worked fine.

  1. I created a folder called ~/images
  2. I uploaded my image roms_vectors.png to the ~/images folder
  3. I created a markdown cell with this single line:
![my image](files/images/roms_vectors.png)
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