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Is possible to somehow modify the content of file that is being included in the existing code by require function? For example I am including file in my code like this:

require $page_body;

Now I want to omit the HTML tags using the strip_tags function to get rid of HTML tags. If this code contains pure HTML tags without PHP code (<?php /* php code goes here */ ?>) the following works as expected:

  $content =  strip_tags(file_get_contents($page_body));
  echo $content;

But if my $page_body is mixture of HTML and PHP the echo returns nothing, when I've printed $content using print_r it seems like several empty strings

[wakatana@HP-PC v2]$ php includer.php 

[wakatana@HP-PC v2]$ 

My guess is that strip_tags did not works well with HTML code where alos PHP is included.

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2 Answers

When you use require or include, the code is inserted inside the file, after that you cant change it.

What you can do is open the file with fopen() and then do all the changes and save the file. After all that, when you load the file again it will be as you wanted it to.

If you don't want to change the actual file, you can open the original, as well as a temporary file, copy information from original, change it, save it to temporary file, include the temporary file and then delete it. This way you will have the original information changed the way you like without changing the original file.

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One solution could be output buffering, I suggest you check it out, can be useful for other stuff too.

require $page_body;
$content = ob_get_clean();
echo strip_tags($content);
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