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I'm updating some Doxygen documentation, and when Doxygen generates the code blocks for the documentation, it no longer puts the code in a block when it's surrounded by the \code and \endcode tags.

Original: Original Doxygen, with code blocks

New: New Doxygen, no code blocks

The documentation was originally generated with 1.6.1, and the new documentation is using Since the versions are different, do I now have to use the markdown syntax to generate the proper code blocks, or can I continue to use the \code tags?

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No, \code..\endcode still works as always.

What is like the problem is that you use a custom page header or stylesheet (i.e. HTML_STYLESHEET or HTML_HEADER is not empty in the config file) and the newer version of doxygen started using different CSS tags to style the code block, and these are missing from your stylesheet.

Doxygen recently introduced a HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET option which you can use to overrule parts of the original stylesheet. I recommend to use that option instead of HTML_STYLESHEET.

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Yeah, that was it. HTML_STYLESHEET wasn't empty, so I just changed that to HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET and it worked. –  rm5248 Sep 15 '13 at 16:02
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