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I want to create a custom view which has a 9-patch bitmap as background and can display two rows of text in the center of the view. I have read the official guide on creating custom views but still don't know how to start. I was able to draw the background in the onDraw() method using canvas.drawBitmap(..) This, works, but how can i draw a 9-patch bitmap and set the width and height? (the image size should be like match_parent.

To summarize i want to create a view like this:

|                  |
|  first row text  |
|  second row text |
|                  |

The box should have a 9-patch bitmap background and should have a width that matches the parent layout. how can I implement this?

kind regards

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I think just regular TextView can cover your requirements. Try this,

    android:text="This is the first row \n This is the second row"/>

If you have any special reason to use CustomView, then don't need to build it from scratch, try to extend it from a proper one. (In your case TextView looks proper)

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