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I want to remove Child from VBox , i have id of child , but i don't to have real object that i want to remove using removeChild function of VBox

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You might also want to set the "name" property on your component, such as : = "LabelX"; = "LabelX"; // eventually

Then proceed to doing as the first answer said,

yourVBOX.removeChild( yourVBOX.getChildByName('LabelX') );

The thing to remember is to set the name as well as the ID, there is no such method as "getChildByID" :-)

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var elem:Type_of_E = this["constructed_id_of_E"];
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If you have the id of the child to be removed, you have the real object. id attribute in mxml creates a public variable by it's value and store a reference to the object in that variable.

if(childId != null)
    trace("Normally this shouldn't happen in flex");

//or if you don't have VBox's id but you are sure that 
//the child is in fact is parented by a container:
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I think he means he has the id as a string... as in, some algorithm in the program has given him the id of an element, not that he needs to know how to access controls from the class they are in. – Adam Nofsinger Jun 27 '11 at 17:29

Assuming you know the name of your VBOX before runtime:

yourVBOX.removeChild( yourVBOX.getChildByName('yourChildID') );

Read more on: LiveDocs - Container - getChildByName

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You mean this.getChildren()[index], but he has the id, not the index. – Adam Nofsinger Jun 27 '11 at 17:27

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