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I got the following document structure:

Profile has_many DailyProviders. DailyProvider embeds_one Friends. Friends has an integer field count.

  • NOTE DailyProvider embeds_ONE since, I don't intend on storing an array of friends. Just an overall daily count. Friends was used more for 'readability'.

How can I use the aggregation framework to return the sum of all counts grouped by provider and date?

class Stat::Profile
  include Mongoid::Document
  has_many :daily_providers, class_name: 'Stat::DailyProvider'
  field :profile_id, type: Integer

class Stat::DailyProvider
  include Mongoid::Document

  belongs_to :profile, class_name: 'Stat::Profile'
  embeds_one :friends, class_name: 'Stat::DailyProvider::Friend', cascade_callbacks: true

  field :provider_name, type: String
  field :date, type: Integer, default: Time.zone.now.strftime('%Y%m%d').to_i

  validates :provider_name, uniqueness: true, presence: true, inclusion: { in: %w(facebook, linkedin) }

class Stat::DailyProvider::Friend
  include Mongoid::Document

  embedded_in :daily_provider, class_name: 'Stat::DailyProvider'

  field :count, type: Integer, default: 0

I tried:

  { '$unwind' => '$daily_providers' },
  { '$unwind' => '$daily_providers.friends' },
    '$project' => {
      '_id' => 1,
      'daily_providers' => '$daily_providers'
    '$group' => {
      '_id' => {
        'date' => '$daily_providers.date'
      'count' => { '$sum' => '$daily_providers.friends.count' }

But I get an empty []. Does the aggregation framework only work with documents that are embedded in a single collection? Or can it work with referenced documents?

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Because MongoDB has no joins? – Sammaye Sep 14 '13 at 17:56
Does that mean, the aggregation framework won't work with a schema structure such as this one? – Christian Fazzini Sep 14 '13 at 18:06
MongoDB cannot follow references to other collections within a query or an aggregation function. Only the current/single collection. – WiredPrairie Sep 14 '13 at 18:21
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MongoDB can't follow references automatically. DBRef's are only a convention for the database drivers. They have no meaning for MongoDB itself.

MongoDB does not do JOINs - period. The aggregation framework can only work with a single collection at a time. This is also the case for most other tools like MapReduce. When you need to do a JOIN, you need to do this on the application layer: query the first collection, inspect the results, and query the second one based on them.

For this reason, MongoDB encourages embedding of documents in the parent-object instead of referencing them.

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