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I'm trying to put the title in the html_options as described in the docs:

link_to shop_path(@shop, html_options = {title: "Hola el mundo") do
    content_tag( :span, "Hello", class: "some_class") + " " +
    content_tag( :span, truncate(, length: 37))

But it doesn't work. Where do I put the title attribute in a link_to block?

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You are using the format of the doc's declaration to form your call. the parameter html_options =... is just supposed to be the hash. html_options =... is part of the method's declaration. – lurker Sep 14 '13 at 19:06
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HTML attributes can be passed as options for link_to, not the _path helper like you have:

link_to shop_path(@shop), title: "Hola el mundo" do
  content_tag( :span, "Hello", class: "some_class") + " " +
  content_tag( :span, truncate(, length: 37))
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