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AFNetworking has a class method called + af_sharedImageCache that I want to access from my own category, but I can't figure out the syntax to reference this. Internally it is doing [[self class] af_sharedImageCache] but obviously that's not gonna work for me. :)

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That's because + af_sharedImageCache is a private method, not exposed on UIImageView+AFNetworking.h. You can call it, though, using Obj-C runtime.

if ([[self class] respondsToSelector:@sel(af_sharedImageCache)]) {
     NSCache *cache = [[self class] performSelector:@sel(af_sharedImageCache)];

However, AFImageCache is a private class, and you would have to do the same hack to use its methods. If I were you, I'd create my own cache, as it's clear that AFNetworking doesn't want that you mess with its cache implementation.

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I'm leaning towards that now anyway. It's literally just an NSDictionary keyed on a url. Not exactly complicated. –  chaiguy Sep 15 '13 at 17:53
It's not an NSDictionary, it's an NSCache, which behaves like an NSDictionary but evicts objects to free memory if needed. You can read more about it on this nice article on NSHipster. –  Marcelo Fabri Sep 15 '13 at 19:01

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