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I have been chipping away at this for the last couple of days but it has become quite frustrating. My web host is "JustHost" and I have a shared hosting service. I have found this translates directly to "strips you of all privileges," when it comes to trying to set up the deployment on the server.

I thought I had found some really good tutorials that might help me to get my environment set up (I tried to Follow Rob McLarty's blogs on How to setup a Production Server and How to Deploy a Rails App as best as I could). The problem that I found is that I couldn't/didn't need to install any of the things recommended, and when it came time to try to set things up I didn't have permission over the files that were recommended to modify or I didn't have permission to use the commands that were needed.

Naturally I can see why this would be important on a shared host. It would be silly if each individual on the host could restart an apache server willy nilly.

Regardless, I have found this to be the problem with most of the research into getting this deployment up and running. Simply put, most of the things that are recommended I don't have permission to access.

Does anyone know how to setup a deployment on an environment that is so restrictive? Even some resources, or a simple "you are thinking about this way too hard" to point me in the right direction would be really really helpful.

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I highly recommend OpenShift as a platform for deploying your rails app on a shared environment. It gives you the option to start for free with a small amount of resources in the server and gives you the ability of starting up everything you need at first like relational or NoSQL databases, loadbalancers, cache, etc.

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Heroku is a simple setup formula, For a shared host ROR Deployment Found a good reference : REFERENCE LINK this will help to deploy ROR App on a shared host.(some modules may not be allowed on a shared server environment. You may have to go for a VPS to meet all the requirements).

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