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I've got a many-to-many relationship in my Application between Users and Conversations

App.User = DS.Model.extend,
  conversations: DS.hasMany('App.Conversation')    

App.Conversation = DS.Model.extend
  participants: DS.hasMany('App.User')

But every time i create and save a conversation, ember tries to save each participant including the ids of their related conversations. But i want the exact opposite of that, i want it to update just that one conversation and send the related participant_ids with it.

Is there a way to make that work?

What i tried so far:

  • specifying the inverse key on the user model (conversations: DS.hasMany('App.Conversation', inverse: 'participants'))
  • the workaround below.


App.RESTAdapter = DS.RESTAdapter.extend

  serializer: DS.RESTSerializer.extend
    addHasMany: (hash, record, key, relationship) ->
      type = record.constructor
      name = relationship.key
      serializedHasMany = []

      embeddedType = this.embeddedType(type, name)
      return unless embeddedType is 'always'

      record.get(name).forEach (record) ->
        serializedHasMany.push record.get('id')
      , @

      hash[@singularize(key) + '_ids'] = serializedHasMany

App.RESTAdapter.map 'D4S.Conversation',
    embedded: 'always'

After that it will save the conversation including the foreign keys but still tries to update the users, so i tried to save it with a custom request and just reset participant sates :/

    App.Conversation._createWith = (participants) ->
      conversation = @createRecord()

      participants.forEach (p) ->

      # conversation.save()
      adapter = conversation.get('store._adapter')
      adapter.ajax(adapter.buildURL('conversation'), 'POST',
        data: { conversation: conversation.serialize() }
      ).then ->
        conversation.get('participants').forEach (user) ->


Which finally worked \o/ But throw up the next error :(

Upon loading ember doesn't load the relationship, conversations participants property is always an empty DS.ManyArray

So is there a way to make that work?

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Solution: Implement your own mapping key, don't use one thats already used. This implementation solved all my problems:

serializer: DS.RESTSerializer.extend
  Custom implementation to realize manySaving mapping
  addHasMany: (hash, record, key, relationship) ->
    @_super(hash, record, key, relationship)
    type = record.constructor
    name = relationship.key
    serializedHasMany = []

    manySaving = this.manySaving(type, name)
    return unless manySaving

    record.get(name).forEach (record) ->
      serializedHasMany.push record.get('id')
    , @

    hash[key] = serializedHasMany

  Check if manySaving option for a specific relationship is enabeld
  @param {String} type  The record type (usally a model class)
  @param {String} name  The attribute name of the relationship
  @return {Boolean}
  manySaving: (type, name) ->
    this.mappingOption(type, name, 'manySaving')

D4S.RESTAdapter.map 'D4S.User',
    manySaving: false

D4S.RESTAdapter.map 'D4S.Conversation',
    manySaving: true
    key: 'participant_ids'
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