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I'm trying to create an installable Racket package I can put on the web. I am following the instructions for developing packages from the Racket documentation. However, when I create a package following these instructions, I get the error

raco setup: error: during making for <user>/handin50/tufts-comp50-2013f (COMP 50)
raco setup:   *** Error: this collection must be a top-level collection

I cannot find the concept of creating a top-level collection in the documentation.

The particular package I am trying to create is a copy of the handin client, as described in the documentation for the handin server. Unfortunately I cannot link to a copy of this documentation online; the handin server is at https://github.com/plt/handin and the documentation source is at https://github.com/plt/handin/blob/master/handin-server/scribblings/client-customization.scrbl

I would be grateful for any pointer explaining how to create a top-level collection or any other workaround.

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Which version of Racket are you using? –  stchang Sep 15 '13 at 4:47
What's the command that produces the error? Is it raco pkg create? I tried a bunch of variations and I couldn't produce the error. –  stchang Sep 15 '13 at 5:41

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A top-level collection is an immediate sub-directory of a collection root like the Racket installation's collects/ directory. Some examples of top-level collections are racket, db, and rackunit.

If I'm reading the error right, it's complaining because tufts-comp50-2013f is a sub-collection (ie, sub-directory) of handin50; the latter is the top-level collection in this case. The solution is to move tufts-comp50-2013f one directory up.

The error appears to be coming from this source file: https://github.com/plt/handin/blob/master/handin-client/this-collection.rkt in the this-name-stx macro. The comments assert that the code needs to be in its own top-level collection directory, but doesn't really explain why.

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