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I'm trying to map a DateTime object to a TimeStamp SQL column.

import org.springframework.format.annotation.DateTimeFormat;

    private DateTime dateSmoked;

I'm using Spring form tag to get the user to enter a date input of the type "mm/dd/YYYY HR:MIN AM/PM" as according to @DateTimeFormat(style="SS"). I have imported joda-time-hibernate packages and all other necessary packages

When I submit the form I get the following error: org.joda.time.contrib.hibernate.PersistentDateTime.nullSafeSet(Ljava/sql/PreparedStatement;Ljava/lang/Object;ILorg/hibernate/engine/spi/SessionImplementor;)V

Its clear I'm doing something wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Looks like you are using Hibernate 4.+.
Joda-Time Hibernate doesn't support this Hibernate version.
You can use usertype from Jadira Framework: PersistentDateTime doc

    private DateTime dateSmoked;

maven dependency

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This works. You need Jadira Usertype and some other jadira librares. –  zam Sep 28 '13 at 5:10

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