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I am a mac user trying to make my pygame game available for windows as an exe so bear with me. I am trying to use pyinstaller but when I run setup.py it gives me the error:

setup.py is not yet supposed to work. Please Use PyInstaller without installation.

I have tried installing it with pip as well but get the exact same thing. I am aware of this post: pyinstaller setup failed with "setup.py is not yet supposed to work. Please Use PyInstaller without installation." or though (being pretty noobie) I cant get a solution from the answer. Is there a fix?

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Go here. Download whichever version you want. Unzip the archive. In a console/terminal with admin access go to the directory that contains your unzipped contents. Then do:

python setup.py install. That should install pyinstaller for you. Test it out to make sure pyinstaller has been added to your PATH so that you can run it from any directory.

After you have installed Pyinstaller using setup.py, go to the directory with your game in it and do pyinstaller game.py.

For more information, check out the official documentation which explains how to use setup.py to install from an archive.

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thats exactly what I did but at the end I got the setup.py is not supposed to work message – Slidon Sep 15 '13 at 7:34

Solved! I installed the development version after finding this ticket: http://www.pyinstaller.org/ticket/756

and now all works fine.

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