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I've written up a variation on Melinda Green's Buddhabrot method for visualizing the Mandelbrot set. Here it is:

To create an animation I rendered hundreds of the individual images with slight variations. The variation is a transformation of the coefficients of the generating function as if they were an abstract vector in a space of coefficients. All of that produced incredible structures in the video...

The problem? As you can tell, the quality on each image is rather low because it takes forever using the method I came up with (the copies I have on my computer are a little better quality, but still look like old reel-to-reel movies). I'm hoping to find a few methods for increasing quality or lowering output time.

Thanks for any suggestions. I would really like to produce more detailed versions of these. Obviously there is much more structure in the graininess of these images.

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You can try something like boxcounting, If buddhabrot is some sort mandelbrot you can skip some empty boxes. You can use a kd-tree like in packing lightmaps to subdivide the surface.

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