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I downloaded the katana project and wanted to try the client/server in the sandbox project.

I rand into a problem at for OAuthValidateClientAuthenticationContext :

public bool TryGetFormCredentials(out string clientId, out string clientSecret)
    clientId = Parameters.Get(Constants.Parameters.ClientId);
    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(clientId))
        clientSecret = Parameters.Get(Constants.Parameters.ClientSecret);
        ClientId = clientId;
        return true;
    clientId = null;
    clientSecret = null;
    return false;

clientSecret is null and hence the following do not validated the client.

    private Task ValidateClientAuthentication(OAuthValidateClientAuthenticationContext context)
        string clientId;
        string clientSecret;
        if (context.TryGetBasicCredentials(out clientId, out clientSecret) ||
            context.TryGetFormCredentials(out clientId, out clientSecret))
            if (clientId == "123456" && clientSecret == "abcdef")
            else if (context.ClientId == "7890ab" && clientSecret == "7890ab")
        return Task.FromResult(0);

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Ensure the client_secret param doesn't contain a space in your post

client_secret[space] will fail.
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i just marked it as the answer, since this is over a year ago i created the post and I am not even sure if the katana repository looks like this anymore. Thanks for replying still. –  pksorensen Nov 5 '14 at 23:06
Thanks @pksorensen. Yeah I posted this answer since I ran into this today when posting my params apparently the Owin.Security.OAuth framework doesn't trim space on the incoming parameters. –  DynamicLynk Nov 5 '14 at 23:18

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