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im traying to change th href of my link to make it take two parametrs to another function by JS. This should happen when i klick on an element.

Here my Js funktion that not working will

function Changehref(idProdukt, idOperation) {

 document.getElementById("deleteIcon").href = "Order/DeleteItem?id=" + idProdukt +   "&operationId=" + idOperation;


this is my function im my Controller Order

   public ActionResult DeleteItem(long idProduct, long idOperation)
        var reg = new ProductRegistry();

        reg.DeleteProductionOrderOperation(SQLConnection, idProduct,idOperation);
        return View("Details");

How to navigate to DeleteItem and send the parameters

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The parameters you are sending do not match the method signature, so model binding isn't kicking in.

Change this below

document.getElementById("deleteIcon").href = "Order/DeleteItem?id=" + idProdukt +   "&operationId=" + idOperation;


document.getElementById("deleteIcon").href = "Order/DeleteItem?idProduct=" + idProdukt +   "&idOperation=" + idOperation;
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