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I'm having issues getting an access token from Evernote using oAuth in my codeigniter app.

I am able to successfully get my temporary credentials but when I ask for my access token. I get the following error.

"Invalid auth/bad request (got a 401, expected HTTP/1.1 20X or a redirect)"

$_SESSION['requestToken'] = $requestTokenInfo['oauth_token'];
$_SESSION['requestTokenSecret'] = $requestTokenInfo['oauth_token_secret'];
$_SESSION['oauthVerifier'] = $_GET['oauth_verifier'];
$accessToken = $client->getAccessToken($_SESSION['requestToken'], $_SESSION['requestTokenSecret'], $_SESSION['oauthVerifier']);

The print_r function correctly prints out the 3 parameters returned to me by Evernote as the temporary credentials.

I am using php 5.4.9 on an Ubuntu 12 server. I have installed the Pecl OAuth extension. Thank you very much in advance for any help.

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The first example here shows passing a URL instead of the tokens. Does that help? – John Sheehan - Runscope Sep 15 '13 at 3:17
I am following the directions here: In the 2nd block of code under OAuth, it has the getAccessToken function with the 3 session params. That's where I'm getting the error – user2041869 Sep 15 '13 at 7:57

To check if everything is working well, you should use their sample application.

To do so, clone the github repository you mentionned earlier, then edit the sample/oauth/config.php file by filling the variables :

define('OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY', 'your key');
define('OAUTH_CONSUMER_SECRET', 'your secret');

// Replace this value with FALSE to use Evernote's production server
define('SANDBOX', TRUE);

then go to to test your settings and follow the steps that appears. At the end of the test you should have a list of all your notebook, or Error before it.

Once everything is done you can have a look at the code they provide as an example to understand how the PHP code works.

hope this help as this did the trick for me with python ;)

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