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Delphi can align records on word, double-word and quad-word bouderies, depending on the {$A} setting and the version of Delphi.

If I have to following (bad) code:

  ofSize = $00;       <<-- hardcoded will break if I unpack the record.     
  ofMSB = $01;
  ofPtrDigits = $02;
  ofSign = $06;                 

  MinSizeBigint: Byte = 10;

  TBigint = packed record   
    Size: Byte;
    MSB: Byte;
    PtrDigits: Pointer;
    Sign: TSignValue;

How do I transform it into this:

  TBigint = record 
    PtrDigits: Pointer;  (*should be `array of cardinal`, but never mind that*)  
    Size: Byte;
    MSB: Byte;  
    Sign: TSignValue;

ofSize = OffsetOf(TBigInt.Size);    <<-- does a function like this exist?       
ofMSB = OffsetOf(TBigInt.Size);
ofPtrDigits = OffsetOf(TBigInt.Size);
ofSign = OffsetOf(TBigInt.Size);

Is there a function that will fill in the offsets for me using some compiler magic?

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Workaround, but not the real answer...

Replace this code:

  mov   byte ptr [ebx+ofMsb], cl  <<-- hardcoded offset, only works with 
  mov   dword ptr [edi+edx*4], 1       `packed record`   

With this

  mov   byte ptr [ebx+TBigint.MSB], cl  <<-- Delphi will put the correct offset
  mov   dword ptr [edi+edx*4], 1
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