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I'm trying to put the Google cloud endpoint api into the Angular service to make the logic clearer. But I dont know how to let the controller updates the model (value got from this service) when the cloud endpoint responses. Here is the code: Service:

angular.module('fooApp').service('FooService', function FooService() {
//variable to keep the data from server
var tl={};


    //cloud endpoint api callback 
    var gapiCallback=function(){
        gapi.client.fooendpoint.foos.listFoos().execute( function(resp) {

    var apiRoot='https://fooapp.appspot.com/_ah/api';
    gapi.client.load('fooendpoint', 'v1', gapiCallback, apiRoot);

        return tl;


angular.module('fooApp').controller('DeviceCtrl', function ($scope,FooService) {


$scope.myFoos =FooService.get();



<ul class="nav nav-list">
    <li ng-repeat="t in myFoos ">
           <li >Foo attr1 = {{t.attr1}}</li>
           <li >Foo attr2 = {{t.attr2}}</li>

Thanks in advance.

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Wrap the FooService.get() call in $apply to kick off a digest cycle so the UI will update.

$scope.$apply(function() {
    $scope.myFoos = FooService.get();
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