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I have a jquery accordion that loads a lot of data. This accordion is generated by querying a database. My question - is there a way to not load the content until a specific element of the accordion has been clicked? Basically, I'd like to replicate the functionality of the jquery tab ajax content load to the accordion.

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Check out this question and this blog entry, it might point you in the right direction.

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The above link no longer works in jQuery UI 1.9+. Just want to give a heads up to people, this was my first result on Google. –  mburn7 Jun 26 at 14:52
Thanks! Check out this answer from the SO question: "since jQuery UI 1.9 the events change and changestart have been altered to activate and beforeActivate respectively" –  Mottie Jun 26 at 15:26

you can check this link in this site, I think it is very helpfull.

jQuery Accordion and loading content through AJAX

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Thanks, but the accepted answer from two years ago gave me that link already. –  Andy Nov 7 '11 at 20:16

Can't you just bind a handler to the "change" event?

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