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My app will have some image of a wind turbine with titles of each part of the turbine, sort of a diagram. Actually, depending on the image, it won't have titles, so I'll put them. And I want that when the user clicks in any of these titles, a little box pops up with explanations of this wind turbine component.

But I have no idea how to do that! Any ideas ?

(I thought putting buttons as titles, but it'll be weird having a lot of buttons all over an image. And I have no idea how to do the little box).

Sorry for my English and thank you in advance.

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You could use buttons, styled to be plain and just look like labels. Or you could actually use labels and add a gesture recognizer to each.

When tapped, you could simply add a new label as a subview using the frame of the selected button / label as a guide on the position. To dismiss, you could add a gesture to the super view so that taps anywhere remove the label from the super view (so only one label is visible at a time).

There are many options depending on what interaction and visual style you want...

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I think this is what you exactly looking for, you have to make some tweeks according to your requirements though.


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  1. Use labels and tag them uniquely.
  2. Create a method which receives the label as sender on TouchUpEvent.
  3. In that method have a switch statement and based on the senders tag use the appropriate description text.
  4. Present the description text in an UIAlerview or in a new ViewController.
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Hmm.. but that's an app for iPad, I think it'd be weird load a view only to show two lines. There isn't something like a box ? –  user2303633 Sep 15 '13 at 6:43

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