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I need to generate 1000+ classes from a list.

1) In my case, my list is NOT user specified. The content can be trusted, I build the list content myself. Therefore I can use eval() without introducing security risk. However, I would like to know if there are alternatives way of doing entry = eval(c_class)()

2) Instead of re-using the entry variable, I would like to build variables names from the class_list_names. I.e.: rak_entry = rak() ... bak_entry = bak() .

exec("entry_"+c_class +" = eval(c_class)()")

Are there other ways than to use exec with eval?

Here's my code

class_list_names = ['rak', 'bak', 'sak', 'mak']

class pattern_class(object):
    generic_attr = "bla"

def declare(classname):
    globals()[classname] = type(classname, (pattern_class,), {'__tablename__' : classname+"_daily_history"})

for c_class in class_list_names:
    entry = eval(c_class)()


<__main__.rak object at 0x0242D950>
<__main__.bak object at 0x0242DA10>
<__main__.sak object at 0x0242D9B0>
<__main__.mak object at 0x0242D950>


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Why don't you use globals()[c_class]() as you did in declare? – falsetru Sep 15 '13 at 6:55
Or you can make declare to return the generated class object, then use it. – falsetru Sep 15 '13 at 6:56

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Make declare to return generated class.

class pattern_class(object):
    generic_attr = "bla"

def declare(classname):
    return type(classname, (pattern_class,), {'__tablename__' : classname+"_daily_history"})

class_list_names = ['rak', 'bak', 'sak', 'mak']
for name in class_list_names:
    cls = declare(name)
    globals()[name + '_entry'] = cls()

print rak_entry.__tablename__, bak_entry.__tablename__, sak_entry.__tablename__, mak_entry.__tablename__
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I hadn't thought of using globals()[c_class]() that works great. It answers my first question. However for my second question, I can't write the variables name by hand (rak_entry, ...) because I will have more than 1000+ classes. – Lazik Sep 15 '13 at 7:12
@Lazik, I edited the code. Check it out. – falsetru Sep 15 '13 at 7:13

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