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Is there a way to resize a Winform window just in Resize End?

This means that as long as the mouse is clicked I see lines and only when I leave the mouse (Resize end) window will resize on the screen.

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You will need to use DrawReversibleFrame. Default resizing will need to be disabled (FormBorderStyle = FixedSingle).

Basic Logic is -

MouseDown - Begin tracking
MouseMove - Draw Reversible Frame
MouseUp - Stop Drawing Reversible Frame. Resize Form.

Luckily this MSDN post had working code for this. I have a made a working sample for you. http://www.mediafire.com/download/427g2h2ajm5z62m/ResizeFrame.zip

You will need to tweak this so Form resize only happens when user 'MouseDown' near the border.

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If it's fine to only have the contained controls resize then (and the Form itself - immediately) - use the Form's ResizeEnd event.

(I'm assuming this is the case, because usually there is no reason to delay the Form's resize itself, rather the contained controls', because their resize might be 'expensive'.)

Note: "The ResizeEnd event is also generated after the user moves a form".

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Thanks! Perfect for saving a program's size / location. It was bothering me that it happened every tick during the resizing/moving process. This solved the problem beautifully. –  Nyerguds Aug 19 at 14:03

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