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I currently have a 1028*32 byte array of structures in shared memory using boost::interprocess. Each of these contains location and drawing information from players in a game that I am scraping from a DLL to be drawn in a remote overlay. My basic mechanism of controlling reading and writing is a bool at the beginning of the shared memory object that each process toggles on and off. This method works, and I can get information from each of the players ingame, but unfortunately this method is really slow. Is there any way to transfer this information quicker? If at all possible, I would like to have it so that I can call my drawing function once a particular member of the array gets updated (say member 0 gets updated, before my scraper dll updates the next member, start drawing the info of member 0, then continue).

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Well, you could a have a flag per member and continuously process the array and check for newly set flags. If you need more event style notifications then you could have a monitor for each individual member and signal it once it got updated. I'm not sure how the performance will be affected by having a 1000 monitors though.

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