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I'm in the process of learning PHP and MySQL.

I would like from the script to recognize a specific name and redirect it to admin.php. For example "if Username is Brian redirect him to admin.php, if the username is everything except Brian, redirect him to account.php".

Both Brian and the other persons must be registered in the database to be able to login. I thought on redirect based on MySQL user id, but I don't know how to write the code. Or if you know another simple solution. Help would be very much appreciated.Thank you

Here is the script:


 class Users {
     public $username = null;
     public $password = null;
     public $salt = "";

     public function __construct( $data = array() ) {
         if( isset( $data['username'] ) ) $this->username = stripslashes( strip_tags( $data['username'] ) );
         if( isset( $data['password'] ) ) $this->password = stripslashes( strip_tags( $data['password'] ) );

     public function storeFormValues( $params ) {
        //store the parameters
        $this->__construct( $params ); 

     public function userLogin() {
         $success = false;
            $con = new PDO( DB_DSN, DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD ); 
            $con->setAttribute( PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION );
            $sql = "SELECT userID FROM users WHERE username='username'  AND password= :password AND userTypeId = 1 LIMIT 1";

        $stmt = $con->prepare( $sql );
            $stmt->bindValue( "username", $this->username, PDO::PARAM_STR );
            $stmt->bindValue( "password", hash("sha256", $this->password . $this->salt), PDO::PARAM_STR );

            $valid = $stmt->fetchColumn();

            if( $valid ) {
                $success = true;

            $con = null;
            return $success;
         }catch (PDOException $e) {
             echo $e->getMessage();
             return $success;

And this is the script from index.php (where the user writes his name and password)

} else {
    $usr = new Users;
    $usr->storeFormValues( $_POST );

    if( $usr->userLogin() ) {
        echo "Welcome"; 
    } else {
        echo "Incorrect Username/Password"; 


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And what is your problem? What should we do to help? – u_mulder Sep 15 '13 at 8:31

Rather than recognizing a name (which you would have to parse) I believe it would be more efficient (and easier to implement) if you instead direct by user number (or whatever you're calling your primary key).

So if your user name is "Brian" and is the first user, with user number 1 then point to your table where the 1 is located, assuming it's stored as the integer 1 and not the string "1" instead.

Computers generally have an easier time dealing with integers rather than arrays. You can do it by string, but it's always going to be more work for you and the machine.

As far as redirecting goes, upon logging in, just do a check:

if user number is equal to [Brian's user number] then redirect to admin.php

else redirect to account.php

(Also you'll want to make sure that admin.php requires Brian be the logged in user, or anybody else could just navigate there manually)

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The method $user->userLogin should return the id of current login user when successful login and return FALSE when failure login . then redirect to a admin.php or or account.php depend the returned id

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First, try to fetch username and correct binding name for username:

$sql = "SELECT username FROM users WHERE username = :username AND ...

instead of:

$sql = "SELECT userID FROM users WHERE username='username' AND ...
             //^                              //^

Also just return fetched username on successful status. It returns a single column from the next row of a result set or FALSE if there are no more rows.

return $stmt->fetchColumn();

And then check logged in username by if condition to redirect desired page:

$usr = new Users;
$usr->storeFormValues( $_POST );

$username = $usr->userLogin();
if( $username !== false ) {
    if(strtolower($username) == "brian"){
        header("Location: admin.php");
    } else {
        header("Location: account.php");
} else {
    echo "Incorrect Username/Password"; 
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Unfortunately it redirects me to account.php no matter who is logging in. – Alex Osbourne Sep 15 '13 at 9:58
@AlexOsbourne var_dump($username); before if( $username !== false ). What do you get? – hallaji Sep 15 '13 at 10:06
It shows the same thing. – Alex Osbourne Sep 15 '13 at 11:21

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