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I am using datatables, and when i use FixedColumns plugin, it's fine in Chrome, but in FF and IE, the horizon scrollbar didn't showup, when i paginate to next page, the scrollbar shows, and when i paginate to next page again, the scrollbar missed again. Also, in FF and IE, the columns are mis-aligned when the fixed column works. I don't know what's going on. Below is my code:

var oTable = $('#mytable').dataTable({
new FixedColumns( oTable, {
    "iLeftColumns": 2,
    "iRightColumns": 0

In your code, you comment that if 'sScrollX' is used, the columns will be mis-aligned, but when i removed this parameter, the fixed column don't work.

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finally fount the cause of this issue, we use bootstrap together with datatables, and bootstrap set max-width of table to 100%, after remove this style, it's ok.

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