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I'm using Access 2010 to write a Task Management Program.

I have 3 listboxes (lstOverdue, lstRunning, lstUpcoming) which each have their own query.

When one of the listboxes is selected or gains focus the elements used to edit or just display the Records should display the data of the selected record.

I thought something like this but I can't find anything that works for me:

Me.txtTaskName.ControlSource = Me.lstOverdue.ControlSource

Edited from here: My goal is to have as much data on a formular as possible as it should act as an overview for assigned and unassigned tasks.

The form is set up with 3 areas/columns. The first column for filters and general information. The second shows the tasks grouped in their status overdue,running, upcoming and unassigned (assigned tasks is just a reference table e.g. task_id, user_id, date, time) which is why I opted for list boxes rather than a form with filters .

When the status changes the task should of course jump from one box to the next (e.g. overdue to running). Guess it will be easier to use linked forms but i've no idea how to create linked forms and get the data to display exactly where I want it.

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Your question is a bit unclear, you could do with providing a bit more info - what the recordsources are, what data needs to be displayed when one gets clicked, and perhaps how the screen is organised a bit.

So rather than attempt to answer your question directly, I'll give a simple comparitive example, and how to go about it:

Lets say a listbox displays first names and familynames from a person table and when this is clicked you want to display the person's FirstName, FamilyName, DoB, & Gender.

Create a form with a listbox and 4 textbox controls. Bind the four textboxes to the applicable columns (FirstName, FamilyName, DoB, Gender). The listbox needs to be unbound, and will have 3 columns (for ID, FirstName & FamilyName, with the width of the first column set to 0cm)

Create a click event for the listbox. In this event set the recordsource of the form to use the value of the listbox (set the bound column of the listbox to 1 (default)):

Me.Recordsource = "SELECT FirstName, FamilyName, DoB, Gender FROM Person WHERE ID = " & lst_peoplesNames.

Hope this helps, or gives you some ideas.

Since you have 3 listboxes you could use subforms, (potentially 3 subforms located in the same position, and each listboxes' click event sets the appropriate one visible, and the others visible = false), or just set a bunch of textboxes on the form as required, as above, or using a recordset and manually set each textbox to one value from the recordset.

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I think the main problem is that I don't fully understand the concepts of linking forms. I'll try to explain in depth. –  Gareth Maclean Sep 16 '13 at 18:42
I've made a mess of this question so i'll start a new thread with a clearer subject line, sorry –  Gareth Maclean Sep 16 '13 at 21:09
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