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I'm creating a countdown timer in Xcodes with Obc C. I'm a newbie on this and need some assistance with my timer, it is going to count down from what ever time you enter.

Right now my code looks like this:

-(void) timerRun {
    secoundCount = secoundCount - 1;
    int minuts = secoundCount / 60;
    int seconds = secoundCount - (minuts * 60);

    NSString *timerOutput = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%2d:%.2d", minuts, seconds];
    countdownlable.text = timerOutput;

This countdown works perfectly find as long as it's counting down from 99 minutes or less. I would like to had one more int for hours but when I do that something goes wrong and I get an error.

Could you please explain how I would add one more integer for "hours" to this counter

I've tried the following but it's not working:

-(void) timerRun {
    secoundCount = secondCount - 1;
    int hours = secondCount / 60;
    int minuts = secondCount / 60;
    int seconds = secondCount - (minuts * 60);

    NSString *timerOutput = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%1d:%2d:%.2d", hours, minuts, seconds];
    countdownlable.text = timerOutput;

Thanks in advance

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There are various ways to achieve this, for example using the "modulo" operator:

int tmp = secondCount;
int seconds = tmp % 60;
tmp /= 60;
int minutes = tmp % 60;
tmp /= 60;
int hours = tmp;

NSString *timerOutput = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d:%02d:%02d", hours, minutes, seconds];

This method has the advantage that you can easily extend it to larger time intervals, for example:

int tmp = secondCount;
int seconds = tmp % 60;
tmp /= 60;
int minutes = tmp % 60;
tmp /= 60;
int hours = tmp % 24;
tmp /= 24;
int days = tmp;

Remark: Instead of decrementing the remaining time by one second in the timer callback function, it might be more precise to compute it like

NSDate *now = [NSDate date];
secondCount = [destinationTime timeIntervalSinceDate:now];
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you have to make count for the minuts.

i think your mistake is logical error

because Hour is not equal to second count / 60

int hours = minutsCount / 60;

and you can use NSTimer

you will find it here

How do i create a countdown timer in xcode 4.5

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