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How can I learn regular expressions for ruby? (for a dummy)

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Learn general regexes, and then just check for api in Ruby. – MBO Dec 10 '09 at 14:23

6 Answers 6 is a great tool when working with regular expressions in Ruby as it visualizes the results instantly.

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The website contains a lot of information on regular expressions in many different programming languages, including Ruby.

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+1 that site is a great resource. In addition to using that site, I would also strongly recommend reading a book on regex. Also, I use The Regex Coach to test regex expressions. – Dave Paroulek Dec 10 '09 at 14:29
Another good book is the Regular Expressions Cookbook: – Jesper Dec 11 '09 at 8:12

I personally find the book Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey Friedl the best book for diving into regular expressions. Ruby's regular expressions are pretty much PCRE, but Ruby 1.9 also supports Oniguruma. It doesn't matter, know PCRE and you're good. The book will get you covered.

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Start from Ruby basic tutorial.

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You could buy a book.

This is a great RegEx book - excellent reviews and has its examples in Ruby.

This is another great resource for testing your RegExs as you write them - but there is various software out there that can help you too (here and here)

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You can also test your Regexp at

As peku mentions, instant visualization really helps.

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