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i am making site that offers precious metals products like coins, bullion and so on and i need to have the prices of those product auto update then the price of a precious metal is changed. Basically the product price will be current gold price * product wight + markup. I have subscribed for a feed providing metals prices, but i need to embed that functionality.

Is there a extension that can deal with that?

Thank you!

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I solved something similar preparing a .CSV file with SKU|price field and scheduling an import every day. In other words you could prepare outside Magento a csv file like

SKU0001|3.35 SKU0002|4.63 ......

then you ftp your file in var/import dir on Magento Server and you call it price_of_the_day.csv

then you prepare a Data Flow Profile for import able to import correctly price_of_the_day.csv thhen you schedule your Profile with cron, every day at 2 o'clock in the morning (or whenever you want)

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