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I have a outdated version of ubuntu distro, version 10.10 and i currently can't upgrade it.

I have a problem making any kind of http requests to ipv6 adresses. I tried to do it with various Ruby gem libraries such as open-uri, Rest-client, and with curl.

When i send out a request i get a Network unreachable response. To be specific, i am sending out requests to https://graph.facebook.com with the Koala gem.

If i try to do it with

curl -4 http://graph.facebook.com

i get a proper response, and everything is fine.

Is there a solution that i could do so i can globally solve this problem, maybe modify unix config file?

I have searched a lot around the web and haven't been able to solve it.

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I have tried connecting to other networks and it worked.

At last i called my ISP and they set my modem to factory settings and updated the software.

Now everything seems to work fine.

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