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I have the following Regexp to create a hash of values by separating a string at a semicolon:

Hash["photo:chase jarvis".scan(/(.*)\:(.*)/)] 
// {'photo' => 'chase jarvis'}

But I also want to be able to have URL's in the string and recognize it so it maintains the URL part in the value side of the hash i.e:

// Results in {'photo:http' => '//'}

I want, of course:

Hash["photo:chase jarvis".scan(/ ... /)] 
// {'photo' => ''}
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Don't you mean that you want: Hash["".scan( ... /)] // Results in {'photo' => '';} – asgerhallas Dec 10 '09 at 14:47
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If you only want to match up to first colon you could change (.*)\:(.*) to ([^:]*)\:(.*).

Alternatively, you could make it a non-greedy match, but I prefer saying "not colon".

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How do figure out a person's family name and first name?

Changing chasejarvis to chase and jarvis might not be possible unless you have a solution for that.

Do you already know everyone's name in your project? Nobody is having the initial of a middle name like charvisdjarvis (assuming the name is "Charvis D. Jarvis".)?

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