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SELECT user_id, user_name.fullname, live, likes,
MATCH (fullname, email, live) AGAINST (:search_I IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS relevance
FROM profile LEFT JOIN user_name ON user_id=user_id
WHERE MATCH (fullname, email, live) AGAINST (:search_II IN BOOLEAN MODE)
ORDER BY relevance DESC 

bindValue(':search_I', $search...);
bindValue(':search_II', $search...);//PDO can't use same one twice

I have a query use FULL TEXT search, I need to order by the closest match on top.

However this query is not working, It didn't order anything.

I did a testing, search 123@hotmail.com

2 rows in my db, abc@hotmail.com & 123@hotmail.com

It return 2 rows but didn't put the closest match on top(123@hotmail.com)

anyone know where is the problems?

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What are the values of of :search_I and :search_II? Perhaps you have these backwards. –  Gordon Linoff Sep 15 '13 at 14:26
2 are the same :search_I = $search, ;search_II=$search, PDO cant use same bindValue twice –  Ben Sep 15 '13 at 14:31

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By default MySQL full text search has a minimum word length of 3 (see here).

So, your example of '123@hotmail.com' is only matching on 'hotmail' and the two are equivalent.

You can change the default (and rebuild the index). But, I'd suggest that you do testing with 'abcd@hotmail.com' instead.


The definition of a word is buried a bit in the documentation:

The MySQL FULLTEXT implementation regards any sequence of true word characters (letters, digits, and underscores) as a word. That sequence may also contain apostrophes (“'”), but not more than one in a row. This means that aaa'bbb is regarded as one word, but aaa''bbb is regarded as two words. Apostrophes at the beginning or the end of a word are stripped by the FULLTEXT parser; 'aaa'bbb' would be parsed as aaa'bbb.

Because of the where clause, you can see that there is a match to both email addresses. That match would have to be on 'hotmail'. The 'com' and email name get chopped off because of the default minimum word length.

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ha, i get it, so it didn't count full string include @? –  Ben Sep 15 '13 at 14:51
so how can I change the default to miniimum length 2? –  Ben Sep 15 '13 at 14:53

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