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I need to understand what the commented line does?

#include <stdio.h>
void fun(char**);

int main()
    char *argv[] = {"ab", "cd", "ef", "gh"};
    return 0;
void fun(char **p)
    char *t;
    t = (p+= sizeof(int))[-1]; //what this line does? //[-1] does what?
    printf("%s\n", t);
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Somebody's already posted an answer, but I'm pretty sure this is a homework problem, and you'd in the long run be much better off actually running this code on your computer. If you run it you'll be able to see exactly what that line is doing. – lxt Sep 15 '13 at 14:48
@lxt : I already run it and saw output as gh which to me was strange.That's why I asked to understand the code not to tell the output. – Insane Coder Sep 15 '13 at 15:03
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Assuming that int is 4 bytes in your machine, then replace sizeof(int) with 4:

t = (p+= 4))[-1];

is just to move forward the pointer p 4 elements, and move backward 1 element, then get the element.

In this example, the array has 4 elements, so move forward to one past the end, and move backward to the last element, which is "gh".

Several note:

  • a[-1] is just *(a - 1).
  • You need to make sure when you do pointer arithmetic, they are always pointing an element in an array or one past the end.
  • Also the name argv is not a good idea, since we usually use it to refer to the parameter of main.
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the -1 just means it goes to the previous item:


the whole line is


sizeof(int) is probably 4 so the line is equals:

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initally **p contains address of argv[0] element ie "ab".it is then incremented by 2 (size of int given as 2 bytes).now it point to "ef".It is then decremented by -1.so finally points to "cd".so it print value of t as "cd".


Since C is a machine dependent language sizeof(int) may return different values.

The output for the above program will be cd in Windows (Turbo C) and gh in Linux (GCC).

To understand it better, compile and execute the above program in Windows (with Turbo C compiler) and in Linux (GCC compiler).

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