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Looking for a way to provide and parse application strings files, similar to *.resx in .NET. This problem is so general that there are many ways to approach it. I'm looking for something simple, maintainable, and extensible.

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I would create *.js files for each language (or more general: "setting"). Just define all your constants, configuration, etc. in there. Include the right js-file depending on selected language (or similar) - whether you do this server-side via something like PHP or during runtime using JS, this should be the most flexible approach.

You may also use JSON for actual localization data... well, you can do whatever you want within these files. Of course (since it is JS after all), you have to manually make sure to provide all required data within each file - but it certainly is simple, maintainable and extensible.

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Personaly, i really love i18next for localization in javascript. You only need one small .js file and one file per languages.

This is really easy to use and complete. Just take a look!

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