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How can I group by per month and do the average of qty, in mongoose, having only the field timestamp?

{ "timestamp": 1234567890, "qty": 3 }, { "timestamp": 09876543322, "qty": 5 }

I want to know the average on qty for each month.

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If your 'timestamp' field is a Date-typed value, then you can use the $month projection operator from the aggregation framework to grab the month from your timestamp, then group by that:

    // Grab the month of the timestamp
    {$project: {"qty":1, "month":{$month: "$timestamp"}}},
    // Find average for each month
    {$group: {"_id":"$month", "avg_qty":{$avg:"$qty"}}}

If timestamp is just a number, you could use map-reduce. Something similar to this:

var o = {};
// Get the month and qty for each document, grouping into months
o.map = function() { emit( (new Date(this.timestamp)).getMonth(), this.qty); };
// Get the average qty for each month
o.reduce = function(month, quants) { return Array.sum(quants)/quants.length; };

collection.mapReduce(o, function(err, results) {
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