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I am trying to incorporate skin detection as well as viola jones object detection in my application for accurate detection of hand. I am using JAVACV

this is what i am trying to do

    SkinImage = detect.skin(InputImage);

This will return an image with skin regions marked as white and all other regions as black, binary image

After this i would like to AND the "SkinImage" and "InputImage" from which i should get an image with only skin regions visible in skin colour and all other regions blacked out like applying a binary mask to an image. So the question is how do i AND these two images??

I know it can be done in C++ with SkinImage &=InputImage;

How can i do it in JAVA using JAVACV or other libraries like ImageJ

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In ImageJ, you can do the following to apply a mask to an RGB image:

import ij.ImagePlus;
import ij.plugin.ImageCalculator;


ImageCalculator ic = new ImageCalculator();
ImagePlus imp3 = ic.run("AND create", imp1, imp2);

with imp1 and imp2 being instances of the ImagePlus class, imp1 being the original image (e.g. RGB) and imp2 being the binary mask image.

To get this code, I was running Process > Image Calculator... while running the macro recorder (Plugins > Macros > Record...) in Java mode.

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Hey Thanks!! I solved it –  user2781491 Sep 16 '13 at 0:23

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