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Assume that we have a content xml-file:

<field name="id" id="1" type="number" default="" />

Assume that we have template file with tag:


We need to replace INCLUDE_XML tag to entire content from xml-file. We can try.

xml_content="$(echo "$tpl_content" | sed "s/INCLUDE_XML/"$xml_content"/g")"
echo "$xml_content" > out.xml

The problem is unterminated 's' command cause xml-file has lot of bless characters (quotes, slashes, etc). How we can do the replacement without this care about the characters in content xml-file?

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Just use sed's built-in facilities.

sed -e '/INCLUDE_XML/!b' -e 'r cnt.xml' -ed tpl.xml >out.xml

Translation: if the current input line doesn't match the regex, just continue. Otherwise, read in and print the other file, and delete the current line.

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Fantastic! Thank you. Especially for the translation of the magic. –  Pavel Morozkin Sep 15 '13 at 16:53

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