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Can I change the width of search text fields in dataTables ?

I am writing following code right now but it is not working.

          .columnFilter({   sPlaceHolder: "head:before",
                    aoColumns: [    { type: "text",width:"10px" },
                                { type: "date-range" },
                                                { type: "date-range" }


And if my dataTables is dynamically generated like as gven below:

                                "aaData": aDataSet,
                                "aoColumns": [
                                    { "sTitle": "#","sWidth": "10px" },
                                    { "sTitle": "ID" },
                                    { "sTitle": "Staff Name" },
                                    { "sTitle": "Rig Days" },
                                    { "sTitle": "Manager"},
                                    { "sTitle": "Grade"},
                                    { "sTitle": "Tools"},
                                    { "sTitle": "Vacations"},
                                    { "sTitle": "Presently On"},

How to add Search field in this dynamically created DataTable to search by each column?

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try to use css to change the width


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