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I need a bit of web software (ideally Open Source) that will manage my business -i.e invoices, accounts, clients, contacts, time spent on work, notes, diary.

Any ideas ?

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not really a programming question –  Kurt Dec 15 '09 at 8:55
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I'm not sure if this will handle all your needs (I don't see anything about contacts after a quick look), but you might give the demo for phpBMS a try. It seems pretty solid.

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Alex, you will likely have to use a balance of tools.

Check out the following

Fogbugz - free for 2 users, hosted edition. handles all your client and internal tasks, wikis, forums, time keeping, etc. great for diary, etc, as you just email everything to a case and it becomes searchable

Freshbooks - free for the first few clients, integrates well with everything

Another accounting package you might want ot look into (web based) are harvest.

Hope that helps!

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