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I am trying to write a socket server in .Net. I just read about twisted and found very interesting.

Is there any equivalent library available for .Net ?

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According to this page it looks as though the Socket object now has some basic support for async communication. I don't know of anything equivalent to Twisted in terms of its polished abstractions though.

This page has some examples of using the new async APIs (in c#).

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Maybe you can take a look at Microsoft WAS.

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No, there is no equivalent library. Twisted integrates a huge suite of protocols, both clients and servers, together in one central codebase, along with unified abstractions for things like asynchronous request/response, error handling, authentication and filesystem access from the network. You can cobble something similar together out of a variety of different .NET libraries, and the built-in support for authentication, but as far as I know you can't get it all in one place.

IronPython is not currently a supported platform for Twisted but there's no reason that it couldn't be; if you are interested in using them together you might want to do some testing and see if Twisted itself could run on .NET.

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