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My authorization work fine except for one thing

When I try access my home page i get message you are not allowed to access page

this is my route to home page

Router::connect('/', array('controller' => 'news', 'action' => 'index'));

So for testing i tried in my controller

public function isAuthorized($user) {
    return true;
    return parent::isAuthorized($user);

it should return true

and in my Appcontroller

    public function isAuthorized($user) {

    return false;

and a I can't access home page but other pages I can (news/add, news/view) Also when i try to access via url i get The page isn't redirecting properly

And when I put in my AppController return true I can access index page

How to skip this problem

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How about using $this->Auth->allow('index'); in NewsController in your beforefilter method

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