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I am trying to create a event check with jQuery on a list. The list is as follows,

<form class="$validate $class" action="/webapp/ui" method="post">
<fieldset class="productradios">
<li class="decide">
    <label>Do you want them all?</label>
        <li><input type="radio">Yes</li>
        <li><input type="radio">No</li>
<li class="option1">
    <label>Product 1</label>
    <div class="taxo">
        <ul class="taxo_btn">
            <li><input id="1" type="radio">Yes</li>
            <li><input id="2" type="radio">No</li>
<li class="option2">
    <label>Product 2</label>
    <div class="taxo">
        <ul class="taxo_btn">
            <li><input id="4" type="radio">Yes</li>
            <li><input id="5" type="radio">No</li>
<li class="option3">
    <label>Product 3</label>
    <div class="taxo">
        <ul class="taxo_btn">
            <li><input id="7" type="radio">Yes</li>
            <li><input id="8" type="radio">No</li>
<div class="btnbar">
<button class="btn btn previous" value="prev" title="Prev" name="buttonaction" type="submit">Prev</button>
<button class="btn primary" value="next" title="Next" name="buttonaction" type="submit">Next</button>

Here is what I am trying to do, the scenario: User selects No from first li (with class decide) then if s/he selects no from the rest and submits, need an alert box to warn that s/he actually did not selected anything.

Please not that there is 3-4 pages like this in a modal so document ready only works once :( the other pages are not affected I guess.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: So what I have tried is;


var countCheck = function() {
    var n = $( "input:" ).length;

var countChecked = function() {
    var m = $( "input:checked" ).length;

document.getElementById('1').checked || countChecked() > countCheck() {
 alert ("Please check the options again");

I need to do the logic here but as you can see I am abit confused :(

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Where is the form, anyway? –  The Alpha Sep 15 '13 at 19:56
Guys you are right, I have updated the code and added what I have tried. I admit, I a bit confused on what I am trying to do:( So I really would love to get some directions. –  cevizmx Sep 15 '13 at 21:07

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You probably just want to check if any of the "yes"-radiobuttons are selected. But I won't even bother trying to help you with this, because your form is fundamentally flawed.

If you want the user to pick some "products", just make a checkbox for each product - and a "select all" checkbox if you want.

When the user clicks "next" you need to check if any of the boxes are selected.

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:) great answer +1 –  Roko C. Buljan Sep 15 '13 at 21:47
@Swonkie, well said. Thank you for your answer. I think I could not express myself correctly. Felt ashamed on every attempt:( Sorry for wasting your time guys –  cevizmx Sep 15 '13 at 22:02

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