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When I add any element (control like text box, label etc) to my form, it has default style as:

Font: Calibri (Detail) Font Size: 11 Fore Color: Text 2, Lighter 40%

How is it possible to change that, I need MS Sans Serif, 8, Black for default.


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Don't know what version of Access you are using, but I'm sure the newer versions have similar features. (I use 2003 because I hate having everything showing up in one scroll bar)

First Setup a Form, text box, and label to the settings you would like and save. (Background Colors as well). Second Click AutoFormat button> Customize > Set Standard from the form and click OK.

Should do the trick. AutoFormat Button looks like a Wand over piece of paper.

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I need to do that for each new element I add to form –  ihorko Sep 17 '13 at 18:51

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