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array= ['gmond 10-22:13:29','bash 12-25:13:59']

regex = re.compile(r"((\d+)\-)?((\d+):)?(\d+):(\d+)$")

for key in array :
    res = regex.match(key)
    if res:

I know I am doing it wrong . But I tried several things , and failed. Can some one help me how can I fetch the patter macthes using group or any better way. I want to fetch the digits if the pattern is matched. This works so smooth with but have to do it using re.compile in this case. Appreciate ur help.

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What exactly is array is it a list (with []), a dict (with keys), or a string (which you want to parse using regexp)? And what exactly are you trying to do anyway? –  jadkik94 Sep 15 '13 at 20:38
@jadkik94: it is a list with strings –  script_kiddie Sep 15 '13 at 20:40

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You can use re.findall if you are sure of the format the elements of array:

>>> import re
>>> array = ["10-22:13:29", "12-25:13:59"]
>>> regex = re.compile(r"\d+")
>>> for key in array:
...     res = regex.findall(key)
...     if res:
...         print res
['10', '22', '13', '29']
['12', '25', '13', '59']
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You can use search with compile just as well. (match matches only at the beginning of the )

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You are catching - and :, also, you have redundant brackets. Here's the code with modified regex:

import re

array = ["10-22:13:29", "12-25:13:59"]

regex = re.compile(r"^(\d+)\-?(\d+):?(\d+):?(\d+)$")
for key in array:
    res = regex.match(key)
    if res:
        print res.groups()


('10', '22', '13', '29')
('12', '25', '13', '59')

See, all digits are extracted properly.

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