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Because I ran out of space when shuffling, I was forced to add multiple disks on my Cassandra nodes.

When I finish compacting, cleaning up, and repairing, I'd like to remove them and return to one disk per node.

What is the procedure to make the switch?
Can I just kill cassandra, move the data from one disk to the other, remove the configuration for the second disk, and re-start cassandra?

I assume files will not have the same name and thus not be overwritten, is this the case?

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  • Run disablegossip and disablethrift from nodetool, such that this node is seen as DOWN by other nodes.
  • flush/drain the memtables, run compaction to merge SSTables, if any
  • [optionally, take snapshot as a precaution]
  • This stops all the other nodes/clients from writing to this node and since memtables are flushed to disk
  • stop Cassandra (though this node is down, cluster is available for write/read, so zero downtime)
  • move data/log contents from other disk to the disk you want
  • make changes in cassandra.yaml to change the below paths: commitlog_directory saved_caches_directory data_file_directories log_directory
  • restart cassandra

do this for all nodes.

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Assuming I have enough space left to copy everything as is, is it necessary to run flush/drain/compaction? Can't I just stop cassandra, copy, and start? (my RF can handle 1 node down) –  juanformoso Sep 16 '13 at 13:53

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