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How can I count element by class name in angularJs?

I have tried with:

$scope.numItems = function() {

Plunkr: http://plnkr.co/edit/ndCqpZaALfOEiYieepcn?p=preview

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You have defined your function correctly, but made a mistake in showing its results: it should have been...


... instead of plain {{numItems}}. You want to display the return value of the function, and not the function itself (that's meaningless), that's why you should follow the standard JS syntax for a function invocation.

Note that you can send arguments into this expression too: for example, I've rewritten that method like this:

$scope.numItems = function(className) {

... and then made three different counters in the template:

  <p>Yellow: {{numItems('yellow')}}</p>
  <p>Green: {{numItems('green')}}</p>
  <p>Red: {{numItems('red')}}</p>

Plunker Demo.

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