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I am fairly new at C++ in regards to GUI programming, for a project I need to use a Map viewer to draw routes from city to city. My class decided to use QT for everything related to GUI and Netbeans for code.

I read that the best framework using OpenStreetMaps is COSMctrl. However I have no idea how to use it. I have used JMapViewer to generate maps in Java and all it involved was importing the JAR files and adding the map to a JLabel.

How do I do that in a C++/QT application? I have no idea on how to make my program recognize COSMctrl and placing the map on a QTLabel for it to be displayed on my application.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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COSMctrl uses MFC so you will have a hard time embedding this into Qt. However as far as I understand your problem you just need to display tiles. Tiles are just regular images and can be easily embedded in your program.

In order to know which tile you need to display for a given coordinate and zoom level, read Slippy map tilenames at the OSM Wiki. To learn more about how to obtain tiles, read section Choosing a tile provider on switch2osm.org.

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